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NEW Training Testimonial
 As of Feb. 2013

I started training with the Lytle's in November of 2010, when my GSD Taiya started showing a lot of aggression towards other dogs. Taiya was being trained in Search and Rescue, and this was a major obstacle to her becoming an Operational SAR dog. With weekly individual trainings with Shaun and Brigitte, Taiya made great progress in both her obedience and tolerance of other dogs. We were so encouraged by this that we started training with the Hundesport Alaska Schutzhund Club in both obedience and tracking. (Dogs trained in bite work are not allowed in the SAR group I belong to, so we do not do protection training).

As a result of continued help and support from Brigitte and Shaun, Taiya earned her BH this past summer, and we attempted an OB1 and TR1 in September. While we didn't make either of those, we were close, and will try again next year. We are now also going to begin Taiya's RH training, which she should be more than ready for. Best of all, Taiya is now an Operational SAR dog in Cadaver! Hard to believe that just 2 years ago, I imagined I might have to retire her, or even put her down. Thank You Brigitte and Shaun!





Worthy's Lady Taiya CGC, BH, TD & certified Cadaver (HRD) dog with Alaska Search and Rescue Dogs

As of Jan. 2010
Luna the 9 year old Alaska Husky
Alaska Dog Boarding and Training exceeded our expectations for the training of our husky Luna.  Luna is a 9year old Alaksa Husky who had been 
with us since she was 6 months old.  She had always been a very dominant dog, but in recent years had been getting very aggressive with other dogs.  We had to keep her on the leash at all times even off road for fear that she would attack another dog.  While out of the country for an extended period of time her behavior peaked, our dog sitter ended up with stitches and we had to make a decision about her future.  We researched all over the U.S for weeks trying to find a place that we could send her for training.  What we discovered were a lot of false promises for "curing" our dog, lots of bragging and putting down other companies, and lots of bad reviews.  Then we found Alaska Dog Boarding and Training. 
As soon as we spoke with Shaun and Brigitte we knew that they were a good match for Luna. They were everything the others were not. They were honest, did not put down other trainers and made no false promises.  Luna spent a few weeks training and then a few weeks in the boarding facility.  When we returned to the states we were introduced to a "new dog".  We went from thinking we had to put her down to having hope that she would find a second life in someone elses home.  Shaun and Brigitte were so helpful to us, and went way above and beyond what was expected. Luna is happily living in a new home with a couple who love her.  When we told them about her aggression they could not believe it.  It seemed impossible that the dog they met was the same dog.  We would recommend them 100%.
Shannon and Jonathan
New Training Testimonial As of Dec. 2009  
Story from Teanna owner of two Cane Corso Italiano.
How do you begin to write a testimonial about two people who helped save your dogs life?
I was the proud owner of two beautiful Cane Corso Italiano and I treated them like spoiled children. I adopted the belief that love and dog treats would make them listen and that I would naturally fall into the pack leader roll. Don’t get me wrong I attempted to discipline them but usually it resulted in me getting frustrated and giving up. I thought that several of the behaviors they developed as puppies were cute and quirky but I soon learned that these "behaviors" could be very dangerous when dealing with an adult dog.
My female Bella was very dominant and protective from the very beginning, she had more attitude then any dog I had ever owned. On the other hand our male Vito was terrified from the moment he stepped off the plane, especially of men. He hid from everyone but me and would panic if anyone got too close. I started to watch The Dog Whisperer and attempted to replicate his techniques with my dogs. The dog walks were about the only thing that actually worked…. I just couldn’t muster the "calm and assertive energy." If I was calm then I wasn’t assertive enough, if I was assertive then I was usually anything but calm. My dogs were basically obedient, but only listened to a certain degree.
Bella started to develop "issues" with other dogs at about 1 after two other dogs attacked her. From that moment things changed. A part of me became very nervous when she was with other dogs; the more anxious I became the more she began to lash out. Usually the altercations she was involved in didn’t result in any harm to the other dogs or to her, just flustered dog owners and verbal threats. Bella’s issue seemed to only be with dogs, that is until one weekend in July.
We were at a BBQ at my parents’ house for my mom’s birthday and Bella had behaved herself most of the day. It was getting late and she tried to attack the neighbors golden retriever out of nowhere. I was walking to my car to put her away when my cousin stopped me to ask me a question about her breed. Bella took a seat on the warm pavement for some much needed rest when suddenly one of the children at the BBQ ran across the driveway and jumped right by Bella’s head. Bella sat up startled and I freaked. I told the little girl not to play like that around the doggies and that she scared Bella and myself. I told her to go find her parents and play somewhere else. The girl turned around and headed in the opposite direction and I resumed my conversation with my cousin, feeling very shaken and nervous. The little girl came running back and did the same thing, this time closer, before I new it Bella jumped up slammed the girl onto the ground with her two front paws and was barking in her face. She didn’t bite her but it really didn’t matter…I flew on top of Bella crying, at that point I wasn’t sure if she hurt the girl or not and I thought I was going to have to put her to sleep. The only injury the girl sustained was some scratches and some road rash from the pavement. Fortunately she wasn’t even fearful of dogs after that. I wish that I could say the same for myself; I was hurt, angry and shocked at what my "baby" was capable of. That night when I went home I new I needed help and if I couldn’t find it then I might have to put Bella to sleep. That is when I found Alaska Dog Boarding and Training.
Brigitte immediately recognized the severity of the situation and her and Shaun came out to our home for a home visit. From the instant they walked through our front door you could tell that there was a presence about them.
Both of my dogs fly off the handle when anyone comes and knocks on the front door, which can be very terrifying for those people behind the door. It didn’t seem to faze Brigitte or Shaun. From there we started out on a walk…a walk with my dogs and theirs as well. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous because I certainly was. I didn’t feel like I could trust my dog, I was afraid that Bella would freak out and attack her dogs and then she wouldn’t want to help me. Brigitte noticed my apprehension and took the leash from me, Bella transformed. She was relaxed, calm, and attentive. Every step was purposeful and she really wanted to please Brigitte. She trusted her more than she trusted me…this trust was instantaneous. I commented on my observation and Brigitte said, "She trusts me because I trust her. You can’t expect her to trust you if you don’t trust her in return, you have to know that she WILL listen to you". It was like a slap in the face, so obvious yet so not. She also told me that I had to live in the moment, forget what has been and move on. From that moment on I knew I had to make the change. When we got back to the house we worked on the other issues at the house, the door aggression being one of them. She got Bella to ignore the door in less than three tries…. something I'm still not able to replicate. That night before they left I watched their dog Drift work for them. He was amazing, the epitome of obedience and I was absolutely inspired.
I have been training with the Lytle’s since August 2009 and both of my dogs have come leaps and bounds. Vito no longer fears his own shadow and he gains confidence with every training session. Bella is eager to please and loves having a job. She works in a room with multiple other dogs and is able to focus her attention on me. Most importantly I have gained more confidence then ever before. I am learning how to be calm and assertive at the same time, learning how to prevent Bella from targeting other dogs, learning how to recognize how I am feeling so that it doesn’t travel down to my dogs. Every second I am in their presence I am learning.
I am eternally grateful to have the Lytle pack in my life. They saved Bella’s life and my sanity. They have taught me more about dogs in the past 4 months then I had learned my entire life. They are dedicated to their animals and to their training; they work endless hours bettering the GSD breed as well as hundreds of other breeds. They are true experts and practice what they preach. Without them I would be lost!
Thank You, Teanna
New Training Testimonial As of Dec. 2009 
Story of Heidi the Doberman! 
We bought Heidi, a Doberman puppy, from an out-of-state breeder.  Before too long our pup was developing a personality to say the least.  She has a dominant personality, very willful right from the beginning, and was running us ragged. She would constantly tackle and bite our 4 y.o. son, seeing him more as a litter mate than a human, bite at our feet, and appeared to be trying to kill our mild-mannered cat.  She would use our home as a toilet simply as a display of attitude and dominance.  We were beyond frustrated!  Looking for somewhere to turn we found Alaska Dog Boarding and Training.
Shaun and Brigitte Lytle stepped in to help.  The Lytles clearly love dogs and are driven help people enjoy a healthy and balanced relationship with their canine companions.  They showed us how we could manage this dog and command her respect.  They were patient and persistent with us and our puppy.  With their help our experience with Heidi has become satisfying and rewarding and we have gone on to achieve many of our ambitious training goals.
Thank you Shaun and Brigitte!! 
Testimonial as of July 2009!
Let me say this about the training with Brigitte GREAT, she is the original dog Whisper.  Please keep in mind all the dogs she works with are fully intact. Before she came I was asking myself what am I doing with two Gladiators????
When she first started to work with my dogs and me what a RED ZONE case we were. Just two days before she arrived my female pup tried to kill the male. Of course I panicked which made matters worse, I know both dogs were reacting from my energy. I know now what to do, thanks to Brigitte.
By the next evening Brigitte was walking my Gladiators together.

Then in two days I was walking my two GSD together to the beach.

Now when you come to my place you do not hear my dogs barking.
My dogs and I can go for walks together now.
I have a total of four dogs a Golden Retriever, and three GSD one 8 yr. old male, one 16 month old GSD, and one 10 mo. old female GSD. The golden and the 8yr old GSD are fine and mellow.
Now the other two GSD are great, thank you Brigitte.
Both my young shepherds are from your kennel, great drive.
I know now if someone comes to my place and they are not to be there my dogs will protect me.
We will continue to work and I know if I have any questions I will be able to call or e-mail you for help.
I just can't stop saying thank you. I will continue to tell people if they have a Red Zone case to call you, well worth it.
I had a wonderful time while you were here with my family Brigitte please come again soon.

I know I will be going to visit you and your family in Alaska soon.
With great gratitude and appreciation,
Cynthia from Washington

TRAINING Testimonial AS OF March 17th, 2009!

When no one else in Anchorage was willing or able to take on the challenge of Mocha and Kaiden, Alaska Dog Boarding and Training, INC transformed me into the pack leader for my previously 2 crazy dogs.

When I first began my journey with my pound puppies, Mocha and Kaiden, I treated them like my babies. I spoiled them in all the wrong ways and made excuses for their classic bad dog behavior, jumping, barking, running, and even some destructive behavior around the house. Although I considered my dogs obedient, and for the most part they were pleasant to live with, I eventually realized that my dogs were not stable without a real pack leader. This really became evident when my life began to fall apart and became very stressful, my dogs really began acting out with aggression, this was complicated by the birth of my special needs son Zak and active daughter Aurora.

Mocha had bitten and drawn blood and/or got a serious hold on another dog’s neck in over a dozen dog fights, and although Kaiden hadn’t drawn blood he would often lash out with growling, snarling, and snapping any time he felt threatened or didn’t want to follow a particular command. I let these issues fester with minimal corrective action, until one day when a local girl was killed while playing with her family dog and realized my dogs could actually be a danger to my family or society.

I contacted several local trainers in Anchorage. I knew from watching a lot of The Dog Whisperer that what I really needed was a dog behaviorist to help rehabilitate my dogs and someone to train me. Many of the groups I contacted focused on early basic training and didn’t deal with aggressive dogs or bad behaviors. The first one-on-one trainer I contacted did not believe that an aggressive dog could ever truly be rehabilitated; she also used a shock collar which I feared might escalate their aggression. This trainer referred me to my second trainer, who claimed to follow Cesar Millian’s methods and had a reputation of success working with aggressive dogs. I gave this woman a deposit of $500 to work with Mocha; she refused to even be in the same room with Kaiden after seeing his aggressive outburst. Although I wondered what she would do with Mochas serious dog aggression I had no other trainers that would even consider helping me. It became apparent that this trainer did not have the resources, ability, or patience to work with myself and Mocha; however she had recommended Kaiden go to a boarding facility, which is how I met Brigitte and Shaun.

Within minutes I knew that Alaska Dog Boarding and Training, INC would be the answer to my problems. Brigitte and Shaun both have

incredible calm assertive personalities when working with people and dogs. They showed no fear when encountering Mocha and Kaiden’s aggressive behaviors and their calm assertive energy and techniques quickly showed the dogs who was the pack leader. I boarded Kaiden with Brigitte and Shaun and they helped to rehabilitate Kaiden, Kaiden came home a much calmer and more balanced dog. Brigitte continued to work with my entire family after boarding Kaiden.

Brigitte built on my strengths and skills and helped me find methods that worked for me and my dogs; she treated my family as an individual situation. She has committed so much time and energy into me, Mocha, and Kaiden that I know that she truly cares that we succeed, I will forever be honored to share a friendship with the Lytle family. Brigitte has inspired and motivated me to truly commit to working with my dogs. Brigitte has reminded me how to enjoy working with my dogs and incorporate it into my regular day. I had lost my confidence and will to work with the dogs and Brigitte showed me how to have fun with my dogs again.

My initial goal was to live with my dogs and not fear that they would hurt another dog or person, I have already learned so much more. We have worked on mastering calm assertive energy when working with the dogs as well as improving Mocha and Kaiden’s doggie manners and obedience. Brigitte taught me the true meaning of obedience, the first time I saw Othello drop to the ground mid run at the concise command “platz” I was impressed. I have learned that the command “sit” or “down” is more than just the dog knowing it and following when they feel like it, it’s a direct action to the masters command. I now feel much more confident, and safe, when exposing or introducing my dogs to other dogs. There is still so much more I aspire to learn and teach my dogs, but Mocha and Kaiden know that I am the calm assertive pack leader and are no longer on a dominance power trip 24/7. Brigitte has helped me to realize how important it is to truly be the pack leader and to have your dogs respect.

Sarah K. Owner of Mocha (Brown Mutt) and Kaiden (White Husky) Both in photo above and below.

2009 The Packs Summer Outings
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